Top 11 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In Chennai

Why did you decide on searching for digital marketing agencies that would teleport you to this page?

Digital marketing become a need and must-have tool for any kind of business these days. As long as humans choose to be in the digital world rather than in the real, companies have to use it as a marketing medium.

Whatever your purpose of landing on this page, scrolling down here with a purpose in your head.

You will get to explore all the doors under this one roof. And you will surely get what you want.

So, Let’s Explore 

What Do Digital Marketing Agencies Do?

Got some ideas about digital marketing agencies?

Maybe you are now getting a montage of how you searched “Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai” to get here my dear Chennaities! Or? did you just type... “Digital marketing agencies” and got here? That's a locale algorithm.

What benefits did we get from digital marketing?

  • Digital Marketing is assuredly important.
  • There is no future for any business without digital marketing.

You can’t deny the fact that we all blended into the digital world as we depend on them.

The involvement of digital marketing in business is like the cherry on the cake. 

It attracts, tempts, and your audience can’t resist but to taste the cake.

Let me sort out some points. THE BENEFITS.

How to find YOUR digital marketing expert from the Market?

First, Be clear about what you need.

Why did you want a digital marketing expert in your business? 

In which part does the digital marketing agency need to help you?

  • Find the experts who worked in the field your business is running.
  • Make sure they have enough experience in the field to understand your needs and work with your team effectively.
  • Do a little research on them using LinkedIn groups and online communities.

Why should you choose digital marketing agencies over freelance digital marketers?

Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai

On the other hand, 

Top 11 BEST Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai

Top 11 BEST Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai

VK Digitals

  • VK Digitals Vision is to bring ideas to reality through the Digital world.
  • Their services are Google AdWords, Social media marketing, web development, performance marketing, SEO, Branding, and others.
  • VK Digitals assure saving time management in the marketing sector in social media marketing.
  • Having experts who can handle any field of projects. They are one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in Chennai.
Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai


  • Pioneers are always one step ahead of all the new creators.
  • That’s how grandaddy, like in their name pioneered in Traditional Marketing stepping into the Digital Marketing platform.
  • Their stunning Artwork of Ads in the Televisions, Banners, autos and others are successful in the Advertising field traditionally.
  • Same as their Traditional Marketing, their digital marketing works are fabulous that speaks how much the experienced knowledge of marketing helped in strategies to make the businesses win.
digital marketing agency in chennai


  • Spinta provides services like SEO Analyst, web design, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, creative services, content marketing, and personal branding.
  • They are in Chennai, India, the UK, and the USA. 
  • They have over 200 clients around the world, and its revenue is over 10 Million INR. 

7 Stones Digital

  • 7 stones consider digital marketing as an Art form. 
  • It is the one-stop SEO, SMM, PPC, Mobile marketing, and web development solution.
  • They also provide good content writing and graphic designing services.
  • It seems like all you have to do is join hands with them.
Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai
Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai


  • Completed over 178 projects and 39 award wins, here comes our Webion.
  • Their team of digital marketers works well at the strategies and tactics to reach a high rank within a short time.
  • Services: Ecommerce Website, Social Media Marketing, Android App Promotions, SEO, Web Development, Android Development, Strategic Branding, Lead Generation Service

Pixel Studios

  • Pixel studio mainly focuses on quickly scalable digital marketing strategies for clients.
  • They help brands increase strong online presence using their campaign strategies, SEO, and Social Media Marketing.
  • They offer unique solutions like RFID-based solutions, BPA, and Data Analytics.
Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai
Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai


  • Bleap does both website design and digital marketing services.
  • Having a team of web designers and developers, SEO Experts, and social media managers work together will make your business grow.
  • They worked in various sectors, like banking, education, real estate, healthcare, FMCG, and retail sectors. Within a brief period for a digital marketing agency to get the top growth.


  • Rankraze is one of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai. 
  • Their team believes in data-driven digital marketing, purely using the white-hat and Antispam techniques.
  • Their services are SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, Online Reputation Management Services, Content Writing Agency, Web Analytics services, Influencer Marketing, Vernacular Multilingual Marketing, Sentiment Analysis 
Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai
Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai


  • They got awards for best designing SEO Campaigns in 2017, the digital marketing company keeps on growing with hundreds of projects with various forms of digital marketing services.
  • Their digital marketing services are SEO, PPC, App marketing, online reputation management, social media marketing, and website designing.
  • They also provide content and e-commerce marketing, making this place a kind of one-stop store.


  • Digiketers ensures 100% customer satisfaction results using their A-Z marketing strategies, which are suitable for any kind of business.
  • Services: Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Web Design & Development, Online Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and Bulk SMS & Email Marketing.
Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai


  • They provide very cheap and effective digital marketing services.
  • They have various price ranges for certain digital marketing services based on business, on-page, and e-commerce websites.
  • They have provided digital marketing services to the businesses like HDFC Bank, PayPal, Text speed, and other notable companies.
  • They help clients with brand building and SEO, along with web designing.
Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai

Types of Digital Marketing

In the above segments, you might come across different digital marketing agencies with a variety of digital marketing services they do. After exploring the from down here, you can see there are so many types of Digital marketing. 

Types? What If I will use everything in my business?

Yes, you can. But, your target audience should be on all the digital platforms unless it’s a waste of money and investment.

Generally, What are the types of Digital Marketing?

These are some common types. Once you appoint the Digital Marketing Agency, they will do deep-down research about your business, study them, Find the needs and Fulfill it with one of these Digital Marketing types or according to how the packages are and the nature of your business.

Discover some of the best DIGITAL MARKETERS in Chennai

Arul karuppannan

  • With over 10 years of experience, this digital marketer has handled nearly 100 projects as a B2B Digital marketing strategist.
  • His digital marketing skills are impressive enough to keep his former clients and getting attract, new clients.
  • He offers a free digital marketing course to business openers and freelancers who have a passion or need for digital marketing.

Digital Shankar

  • He started as a Digital marketer to an academic writer in 2013. Then somehow this man found his passion for digital marketing and acing in this field.
  • He becomes an SEO specialist and Digital marketing freelancer who provide affordable consultancy to freelancers.
  • He successfully handled 100+ projects for the agencies like Tenth planet Technologies, Fully Filmy, Mitraa group of Hostels, M- Square Networks, Meta forum Technologies, and others.

Muthu Mariyappan

  • With 13+ years of experience in Digital marketing, Muthu Mariyappan is one of the most demanding digital marketers in Chennai.
  • Why?
  • Oh! He is one of the top 10 SEO experts in India. He does various marketing services for startups and new and small business owners to grow their business through digital marketing.
  • With his effective marketing approach and unique strategies, he can increase the client’s business value to another level. That’s why freelancers like him can keep the customers.

Niranjan Rameshbabu

  • Entrepreneur, Business Analyst, and Political Strategist, Niranjan is one of India’s top digital marketing influencers. Niranjan holds a Master in Information Technology (MBA – IT) from Anna University, Chennai.
  • Grown as a notable Digital Marketing expert in Chennai by helping various Startups and Entrepreneurs to turn their businesses more profitable.
  • The goal of Niranjan is to create an impact on Tamil youth and prepare them for the political leadership in the state.


Indeed, you don’t have to replace all of your traditional marketing efforts with digital ones. However, if your marketing strategy doesn’t incorporate digital, then your business won’t be successful. 

Depending on the size and scope of the Agency, this will differ. The following are typical roles found in a digital marketing agency:

  • Founder/Managing Director
  • An account manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX and UI Designer 
  • Web Developer
  • Copywriter and Content writers
  • Social Media Marketer

The purpose of SEO is to ensure your page ranks higher on search engines on both on-page and off-page.

The words and phrases that searchers use on search engines are known as keywords. These are the words we use when looking for web pages, images, videos, blogs, or any kind of information or content. Make sure your pages and content have these keywords strategically embedded in them.

The most common platform for sharing marketing content is a blog. Because blogs offer consumers entertainment and relevant information, consumers find them appealing. You can use blogging for almost any type of business, from to a law firm to a construction company. In summary, we recommend having a blog.

The first thing you need to do is focus on the social media platforms with the most active users. Learn where your target audience spends most of their time and how they behave. Behaviour, content preference, and Social media influence them as a consumer.

Approximately it might take 3 to 6 months depending on the nature of your business and the need for them through digital media. But once you start getting leads, and using creative marketing strategies, you will get more results than you expect.

The digital marketing agency’s web group work on tracking the engagement of your business on digital platforms like Email, Social media, website traffic, blog, google analytics and other marketing campaigns are created.

They also create new marketing strategies and remarket with new content, To get good results for your business.

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